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Our second annual
limited-edition bobblehead
for anyone who donates $250 or more

(while supplies last.)

Creative Jane

Click Play to see her charming head wiggle!


When making your donation, please add $10 for shipping and handling.  

Help Chawton House


These remain difficult times. Chawton House, too, has endured its share of trials. The pandemic stuttered and slowed what should have been Chawton House’s busiest season and the lockdown periods have been financially devastating. Sixty percent of Chawton House’s revenue traditionally comes from visitors to the house, so any closures eliminate the bulk of Chawton House’s income. Please consider supporting them through what remains a difficult time in spite of their valiant online innovations and creative pivots.


Consider this limited-edition Jane doll as our “thank you.” We hope that she can lift collective spirits, for even Mr. Darcy himself would have to break into the hint of a smile at the charming bobble of her head! While supplies last, anyone who donates a minimum of $250 to NAFCH  can opt to receive this fabulous bobblehead and her wee easel. When making your donation, please add $10 for shipping and handling. Please limit to one bobblehead per household.

A New Tradition

Last year’s “Celebrity Jane 2020” sold out so quickly that we created a new CJ for 2021 ~ Meet “Creative Jane 2021.”   


Inspired by recent interest in Jane Austen and all manner of artistic expression—from needlework to painting—this bobblehead giveaway can provide a daily chuckle during dark times.  Imagine Creative Jane doing a little head shimmy beside your computer during your next Zoom meeting.

And yes, her wee easel and canvas are included.

You need this Jane doll, if only because Chawton House truly needs you.


Be creative and share the Jane giggle.

For the lucky donors who receive this fabulous doll, we hope you will find creative ways on social media to boast of making a new friend while social distancing.  Please email your photos to Kerri Spennicchia, a.k.a. CJ’s publicist on the NAFCH executive Board: Then revisit this space and our other social media channels for more pictures!! Share with your own friends the link to this site.

#JaneCreates   #SupportChawtonHouse

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