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Jane Austen Garden Trail

In this successful campaign, donors chose a garden feature at Chawton and selected a literary quotation for a placard at the site.

The plan is to create a Jane Austen walking trail through the grounds of Chawton House. This will be a permanent addition in anticipation of the 250th celebrations in 2025.

There were 20 available spots (either vistas or other places of significance or beauty along the path, including specific trees) for permanent adoption at £1000 each. These spots will be designated by a plaque beside the relevant tree or vista along the path with the name of the donor, the person honored or memorialized, or name of JASNA region (if group sponsorship). The plaque will include a suitable quote from the JA novels or letters, chosen in consultation with the donor and the team at Chawton House.

Donors will be able to see their spots/plaques starting with next season’s re-opening of Chawton House in March 2019.


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