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“Culinary Jane”

Our fourth annual
limited-edition bobblehead
for anyone who donates $150 or more

Culinary Jane SOLD OUT--a few "Capability" Janes available for a donation of $75)

CJ with tea books edited.jpg

Be a Friend to Chawton House


“Hello, Jane!” “Hello, Jane!” “Hello, Jane!” “Hello, Jane!” 

Last year, the North American Friends of Chawton House introduced you to Capability Jane, and your generous donations helped the estate improve the landscape and provided valuable support for the house and the library. 


This year, Chawton House celebrates twenty years of being open to the public. There will be marvelous activities scheduled throughout 2023, both in person and online, and Culinary Janeour fourth bobbleheadis determined to do her part by providing a splendid anniversary cake. 

And you can do your part. While supplies last, anyone who makes a donation of $150 or more to Chawton House through NAFCH can opt to receive this year's delightful bobblehead as a thank-you gift. Think of how charming she will look on your tea table or kitchen shelf. (By the way, there are a few Capability Janes still available, in case you want to go with a garden-to-table theme by acquiring both for $250.)


We thank you for your generous support. Proceeds go to the Anniversary Appeal and will fund a variety of projects such as creating a new guidebook, developing a comprehensive Collections Register, and expanding digital programming.  And much more.

The seven-inch-tall bobblehead is attired for a day of baking. A spiffy white chef's hat matches CJ's linen apron, and she presents Chawton House with a beautifully decorated anniversary cake featuring—her own silhouette! 

And she is friends with Capability Jane, from whom she sources fresh herbs and garden vegetables for those days on which she is preparing more savory cuisine. 

You need this Jane doll because—face it—we all can use some help in the kitchen. And Chawton House needs your help, too. Give generously. 


You need this Jane doll, if only because Chawton House truly needs you.

Share the Fun


We hope you will find creative ways to show off your new friend. Perhaps Culinary Jane will inspire you to create your own tasty treats. Maybe she will keep you company as you watch a televised bake-off or costume drama.

Email your photos to Linda Troost, CJ’s publicist on the NAFCH board of directors. Or post them on your own social-media accounts with the hashtag #SupportChawtonHouse. We'll be thrilled to share your photos on Twitter and Facebook. 

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