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Share a Bench
with Jane.

Help us provide seating for the lawns and gardens at Chawton House.


The Need: The Austen Trail and its quotation markers have become very popular. Right now there are not enough benches in the garden for visitors to linger. Also, existing benches are in mismatched styles and levels of disrepair. As more visitors come to Chawton House, help them to enjoy their visit in comfort, with time to sit and enjoy the views that Austen, too, admired.

The Benches: We have selected large durable Lutyens benches, which should last for many years and fit the style of the gardens. These benches were designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, who also designed some terraces at Chawton House. Donations will go towards the purchase and installation of each bench, as well as towards the running of Chawton House. Sponsors will be helping both inside and out.

The Locations: The team at Chawton House has selected 30 lovely locations around the gardens and the Jane Austen Trail, including 3 premium locations (marked in gold) for a higher price. Scroll down for a map with numbered locations and to view photos of the bench sites.

The Quotations: Sponsors for each bench will be able to select a quotation from any book that Austen may have read from among the titles in the collections of Chawton House. These quotations will be mounted professionally on the benches, along with the names of the sponsor or sponsoring group. Chawton House can help with selections if desired, and will give final approval to the quotations.


But now, let us go and sit down . . . and enjoy ourselves.
~ Northanger Abbey


$2000 for Locations 1 - 27
$3000 for Premium Locations A and B 
$5000 for Star Location at Top of the Lawn

Your entire donation is tax-deductible.


All locations have been sponsored.

Many thanks to our generous supporters!

Bench Locations

photography by Claire Lewis

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